SHOP: Potted Orchids Make Stunning Corporate Holiday Gifts that Last Long into Winter!

December 15, 2011

White Orchids for Holiday Gifts Evantine Design Philadelphia

Our Corporate Gift Division has spent the better part of two days preparing and delivering just over 100 stunning Phalaenopsis Orchid plants to recipients located all over Philadelphia. One client chose to present their clients with white orchids in modern square glass containers, whereas another corporate client chose magenta purple orchids planted in classic terra cotta pots lined with moss.  In either case, these are lovely holiday gifts that will provide elegance and good cheer long into the cold Winter months!

For more information on our Corporate Gift Division and Personal Shopping Services, call 215-790-2576.

purple orchid hostess and holiday gifts evantine design corporate gift division

HOLIDAY SHOPPING: Vintage Tin Box and Depression-era Glass Candles from Waverly and Irving

December 7, 2011

vintage inspired home candles by waverly and irving evantine design rittenhouse hotel-vc

Upcycling at its best!  The talented creative minds at Waverly and Irving have repurposed salvaged coffee cans, tea tins, antique boxes and Depression-era glass to design some adorable candles for the home. Ideal for holiday gifts, these handmade, aromatic soy candles are not only super stylish but eco-friendly!  {not to mention affordable}

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SHOP: New Wildwood Home Fragrances from Thymes

November 2, 2011

The new seasonal Wildwood collection of home fragrances from Thymes is now in stock!

One of our most popular lines, (which always make sensational hostess gifts, by the way), the three woodland-inspired fragrances of Wildwood capture the feelings and scents of Autumn:  Bitter Orange & Cedar, Magnolia Fig & Vetiver, and Juniper Berry & Sandalwood.  Choose your aromatic preference:  fragrance mist, home candle, potpourri or diffuser.

NOW AVAILABLE at our retail boutique, Evantine at The Rittenhouse. 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia 215-790-2576, Open Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm.

We’re Blooming at the Seams! FLOWER SALE at Evantine at The Rittenhouse

August 19, 2011

It’s FLOWERS GALORE at our retail boutique Evantine at The Rittenhouse! With such a gorgeous array of stunning flowers peaking at this time of year, we just couldn’t resist stocking our coolers with all the beauty nature has to offer!  This way, whether or not you’re throwing a big party, you’re able to bring bright, fragrant colorful blooms into your own homes and patios this week.  So come in, share some of nature’s floral bounty!

We’re offering a beautiful assortment of fresh cut flowers on sale at half price! Flowers available include: blue hydrangea, lavender roses, red roses, hot pink roses, purple dendrobium orchids, orange vanda orchids, purple clematis vine, purple king allium, purple lisianthus, green lady’s mantle, fragrant white lilies, blue agapanthus, whole green apples and more!

And, if you like, we’d be more than happy to arrange some of these summer flowers into wrapped bouquets and floral arrangements to go!  For more information, we invite you to call one of our talented floral designers at the Evantine store 215-790-2576 or just pop in between the hours of 10am-6:00pm.

SHOP: Get ‘em While They Last! Stylish Umbrellas Every Woman Needs for Sun or Rain Protection

June 24, 2011

Far be it from us to keep these stunning umbrellas from getting into the hands of stylish ladies everywhere.  Adored for their charm and cheer, we’ve had trouble keeping them in stock for months now!

Well we’re happy to announce that we’ve just received another shipment of these pretty parasols and you should pop in to Evantine at The Rittenhouse as soon as you can to get one!  Or call and have one of the stockists set them aside for you.  These umbrellas are not only gorgeous to look at but they’re the ideal protection from rain and sun as you make your way through town.  Wouldn’t these umbrellas be fabulous for brides or bridal parties who are out in the sun for hours taking formal photographs? What fun those photos would be in their wedding photo albums!

We do offer a large selection of styles and patterns, but the floral umbrellas are the most popular!  {As pictured immediately above, L to R}  Pink Gerbera and Water Lily.  {Below} Stepping out under this bright sunflower umbrella is a true mood changer.

Available while supplies last at Evantine at The Rittenhouse, 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Upper Lobby Level, Philadelphia, PA 215-790-2576.  We ship worldwide and gift wrapping is a pleasure.

SHOP: Order Your Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements!

April 9, 2011

Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day!  Just one fast-moving month away!  Mother’s Day is a time of commemoration and celebration of all things “Mom”: from breakfast in bed, to brunch in the city to gorgeous flower arrangements.

Our floral and fine gift boutique, Evantine at The Rittenhouse, will design and deliver a stunning bouquet of flowers to the Mom or Mom’s in your life, no matter where they are in the United States.  We invite you to pre-order one of our beautiful floral bouquets by May 1 to receive 10% off your order!

Call Evantine at The Rittenhouse 215-790-2576, 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Open 10:00am-6:00pm, Monday-Saturday. 



SHOP: Bake, Chill and Serve in Beatriz Ball’s Eco-Friendly Metalware

March 22, 2011

In a world of mass production, handmade is the true luxury.”  Beatriz Ball, metal artist. 

We couldn’t agree more!  This Spring, our Floral and Fine Gift retail boutique, Evantine at The Rittenhouse, is showcasing a variety of new products made by skilled artisans from around the world.   It’s our pleasure to introduce the award-winning and eco-friendly, Beatriz Ball Collection of Fine Metalware from Mexico City, Mexico.


Founded in 1991, the Beatriz Ball Collection is comprised of elegant bowls, platters and service vessels that are handmade, one at a time, using the ancient art of sand casting.  Each innovative design is made using 100% recycled aluminum that, in its molten state, is poured into sand molds and then polished over and over again until nothing but a high shine remains.  In fact, each creation will be touched by up to twelve different artists before the piece is finished and ready for purchase.  Shown above, the new ANTIK Collection breathes new life into the timeless form of antiquity. Using the wavy lines and decorative patterns found in Latin cultural fabrics and hand painted pottery, sand molds were made to offer a textural statement for the modern table.  

Selected by many brides and grooms for its contemporary styling, Beatriz Ball metalware is also celebrated for its heirloom qualities and durability. Not only do these stunning pieces look sensational on the table but they are also functional!  They will not tarnish or lose their shine and can be used to heat, chill and safely serve food.  The perfect gift for Spring bridal showers, weddings and Mother’s Day celebrations.

Available now at Evantine at The Rittenhouse.  210 West Rittenhouse Square, Lobby Level, Philadelphia 215-790-2576. 


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