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July 3, 2014

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Welcome to our new Thursday “Thank you” blog series where we intend to start sharing some of the truly unbelievable thank you notes and testimonials we are lucky enough to receive from our clients.

As you can imagine, “Thank You” can be an incredibly powerful pair of words and we never tire of hearing them. After spending months or years producing an event there is nothing better than hearing feedback from our client on how they experienced the event. We want to know if we nailed it! Did we achieve the intended goal? Were they blown away by all the details? What did they hear the most from their guests? Did we create magic, if only for one day? We live on this stuff, seriously!

So, here we are, ready to share our first amazing thank you note from one of our recent Bat Mitzvah clients who hosted their daughter’s special event at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia earlier this summer.

Dear Evantine Design Team:

Thank you so much for all of your magnificent recommendations, designs, planning, organizing and execution of Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah! It was truly beyond what I could have ever imagined. There was not a detail left undone. It was just PERFECT!

Brian is truly a creative genius. The graphic arts designs were unbelievable! The flowers, tables, linens, gift boxes and of course custom dance floor were incredible!

I truly feel honored to have had the privilege of working with all of you and seeing what artistic talent truly is.Thank you for making Rachel’s day the most special and a memory we will never forget.

Bill, Bonnie and Rachel Welch

{Photo courtesy of  MK Photo, “Documenting Life”}

REAL STORIES: Jake’s Brown, Black & Gold Plaid Bar Mitzvah at The Phoenixville Foundry, Philadelphia

March 31, 2011

We planned and designed a family-style celebration for Jake’s bar mitzvah at the historic Phoenixville Foundry in suburban Philadelphia.

[Photos courtesy of Susan Beard Design]

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REAL STORIES: Hot Pink & Orange Bat Mitzvah for Sydney!

July 28, 2010

Well, if the country club ladies popping their heads in and gasping out loud in gleeful delight were any indication, it’s that our hot pink and orange bat mitzvah for Sydney was SPOT ON fabulous! 

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WE LOVE: Black, White & Yellow Specialty Bar for Parties

July 22, 2010


Oh, how we L-O-V-E anything black & white!  It’s a bold duo, always classic and infinitely dramatic.  Pair it with bright yellow and, well, the world goes happy. 

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REAL STORIES: A Glamorous Purple Bat Mitzvah at the Crystal Tea Room

May 11, 2010

The Old World splendor of the Crystal Tea Room at the Wanamaker was the location for Perri’s Bat Mitzvah.  What was the theme?  PURPLE ELEGANCE!  

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REAL STORIES: Camping Under the Stars, A Bat Mitzvah

April 1, 2010

Ah, FINALLY, plenty of sunshine and blue skies before us!  Makes us think Spring will be short-lived and Summer is just around the corner!  Before we head out to enjoy this gorgeous weather, we thought we’d share photos from one of our favorite parties EVER!  

 The occasion:  A Bat Mitzvah.  The theme:  Summer Camp. 

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REAL STORIES: Celebrate Sam, A Restaurant-inspired Bar Mitzvah in an Urban Loft

February 10, 2010

Honestly, it’s really never too early to start planning a bar or bat mitzvah.  Particularly when these celebrations can be as involved (or more so) as today’s weddings!

For those that don’t know, becoming a “bar” or “bat mitzvah” is Hebrew for becoming a “son” or “daughter” of the commandment, and an adult member of the Jewish community.  It’s a “coming of age” rite that happens when a boy or girl turns 13 years of age.  Similar to most weddings, the momentous occasion generally includes a ceremony followed by a party.  The “ceremony” for a bar or bat mitzvah requires years of preparation in which the child studies Jewish history, the Hebrew language and the teachings of the Torah.  Trust us, it’s BIG, important and life-altering.  It’s also an event deserving of a SPECTACULAR party that is inspired by the personality and interests of the child.

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October 17, 2009


We went completely MOD for Arden Rose’s Bat Mitzvah!  As a HUGE fan of the Beatles, Arden Rose knew she wanted a 60′s-themed design for the celebration.  For the adults and combined areas we went MOD using one distinctively graphic Pucci fabric of avocado green, chocolate brown, orange and turquoise, as the dominant element in the event design.  For the kid areas we brought in tye-dyed and flower-power elements for a Hippy Chic feel.  It was Shagg-a-delic but in a knee-high white boot kinda-way.

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REAL STORIES: Sydney’s “Sydalicious” Bat Mitzvah at the Kimmel Center

October 5, 2009

Our story titled “Get Lost with Austin” intrigued enough readers that we thought we’d share his sister Sydney’s insane Bat Mitzvah.

Now understand, this is a young, hip family known for their crazy parties, and always traveling the world enjoying trendy nightclubs in places such as Vegas, London, New York and Los Angeles.  (Funny that their daughter’s taste seemed to fall not terribly far from the apple tree).  In a heartbeat, it was pretty clear that the theme of Sydney’s simcha should be “Sydalicious”… a Vegas nightclub designed as if Sydney herself whipped it up one day after school.  Well, sort of.

Levin Bat Mitzvah 05-26-07 014

The “Club” was located throughout the various spaces and on two stages of the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.  The invitation was a custom-made mini movie from Marc Smiler that felt like a trailer for the Grammy’s; with hip hop music, sexy tips on what to wear, and hilarious commercials starring the entire family.  This was combined with companion paper elements from The Papery of commercial-grade, high-gloss black, hot pink and silver VIP passes for kids with secret code RSVP call-in lines; all wrapped in an edgy metal tin container that was overnighted to potential guests.  The 250 attendees entered the “Club” via a long red carpet, dodging Joan and Melissa Rivers and the multiple live paparazzi positioned  along the route.  Each area was designed garnering inspiration from various clubs in Vegas (PURE, Tryst, Studio 54) and London (Fabric, Egg) using white “beds”, ottomans, and sofas buried under hot pink and zebra pillows.  This all jived with light-up tables, bars, and stage platforms.  Black chairs and barstools mixed with metal accents, glass bowls of hot pink flowers, zebra rugs, suspended disco balls, zebra lamps and hot pink candles.

 Levin Bat Mitzvah 05-26-07 001

Restaurant Associates served dinner in many layers, including passed hors d’s, small tasting plates and thematic stations.  The “extreme sushi” station included a beautiful live mermaid offering soy sauce and sake to guests making their selections.  Live performers included a rock-n-roll band, club DJ, sexy club dancers on ledges overlooking the party, motivators dancing with the kids on the floor, a surprise duet performance by Sydney herself and a hip hop artist, a leather-clad fire thrower, a mirror-covered contortionist, hoola hoop artist and more. 

Bubble Boy 1

A celebrity “Mazel Tov!” video was shown as a surprise for Sydney.  Multiple six-foot Candy Carts rolled out in a parade with sparklers.   The fantastically talented photographer, Phil Kramer, and the Video Artist himself, Marc Smiler, provided a team of videographers to shoot film of the whole spectacle.  An amazing party!  Mazel Tov!


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