FLOWERS: Night Flower Market in Bangkok, Thailand

Rumors of Bangkok’s incredible Night Flower Market are well-founded, as Business Manager, Dean Springman and Operations Officer, Nong Chanthakoone, recently discovered on their month-long journey through Southeast Asia.   

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, as well as the country’s commercial and cultural center.  It is certainly not surprising that this bustling metropolis of 9 million people, which dates back more than two hundred years, maintains the biggest food, produce and flower markets in the country.  One market in particular that simply couldn’t be missed was Pak Khlong Talat, the famous wholesale flower market. 

Pak Khlong Talat is one of THE places in the world to buy a wide range of colorful tropical and cold-weather flowers – exotic orchids in rich, saturated colors as well as lotus, amaranthus, heliconia and more.  Contrary to our custom, where flowers are generally purchased in the early morning hours, the best time to shop the Night Market is in the evening between 6:00pm and midnight when the flowers are delivered and are at their freshest.  The unbelievable fragrance hits you first, then the sheer overwhelming quantities of vibrant blooms takes your breath away!

7 Responses to FLOWERS: Night Flower Market in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Carolyn Brandhorst says:

    Awesome photos of awesome flowers!

    • evantinedesign says:

      Thank you my dear! aren’t they INCREDIBLE? wait until you see the other photos from Dean and Nong’s trip…

  2. I might be a bit more successful in the Bangkok flower market than I am in the New York market… 6 pm is a lot more my speed than 6 am! Very cool photos.

    • evantinedesign says:

      Thanks Lindsay! Wouldn’t it be great to shop for flowers at night all the time rather than getting up at the crack of dawn in NYC?

  3. I do like Bangkok in Thailand. When we fly to Thailand we usually stay four days in Bangkok. Nice city with alot of sights to see.

  4. Joe says:

    Can anyone email me the location of this place In Thailand

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