WE LOVE: Black, White & Yellow Specialty Bar for Parties


Oh, how we L-O-V-E anything black & white!  It’s a bold duo, always classic and infinitely dramatic.  Pair it with bright yellow and, well, the world goes happy. 

Photos courtesy of Philip Gabriel.

We recently collaborated with Scott Barnes of Stephen STARR Events on a black & white specialty drink bar for a Mitzvah Open House at Trust.  Keeping it focused and approachable, just three beverages were offered on the bar:  “Spiked” Lavender Lemonade, Sparkling Water with Meyer lemon wheels and Minted Passion Fruit Lemonade.  Inspired by a stay at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, our custom-designed black & white wall provided an impressive backdrop that gave the simple bar a little “strength of character.”  (p.s. we have 80 wonderful feet of that black & white “wall” to play with!  if you’re gonna make something that awesome, better make a lot of it!  oh the benefits of having a workshop and skilled production staff.)

The whole point of the open house was to demonstrate that planning a “dramatic” mitzvah celebration doesn’t have to mean “over-the-top” expensive.  Remember, style has nothing to do with money.  Sometimes, the most effective design decision is the most obvious!  Just go BIG and BOLD!  

We chose abstract swirl and polka dot cotton linens to add some whimsy to simple rental tables.  Black acrylic pedestals gave classic all-purpose barware a modern lift, black vases with white tulips added simple beauty to cocktail tables, and tall black vases holding faux yellow sunflower spheres brought it all together!

2 Responses to WE LOVE: Black, White & Yellow Specialty Bar for Parties

  1. Scott Barnes says:

    Loved partnering with you on this event! Tres chic!!

  2. tulips care says:


    Wika mentioned this place…

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