SHOP: Enameled Bowls by Michael Aram

How thrilled are we that our new shipment of handmade Michael Aram has arrived?  An American-born metal artist living and designing in India, Michael Aram’s creative collection is lovingly made using age-old traditional techniques.   Each stunning piece designed and fabricated by his studio is done with a soulfulness that only comes from the individual designer working on each piece.  Hence, each object is unique and different yet echos the original fine art design.  We’ve got just too many gorgeous items to show and tell at our boutique – vases, frames, salt & pepper shakers, candy dishes, serviceware – but we’ve focused on the sensational decorative AND purposeful enameled bowls.  Perfect for entertaining or holiday gift-giving, we’ve offered many of Aram’s enameled bowls before, such as the always popular Leaf Collection.  But please, come in and experience them for yourself!  If you’re anything like us, you’ll be gifting these incredible showstoppers to your friends for the holidays!

Magnolia Bowl, 9.25″ x 8.5″, $49.00

Poppy Bowl, 13.5″, $198.00

Rose Petal Bowl, 15.25″, $165.00

Whether they’re purchased as purely a lovely decorative piece or used to serve your favorite holiday salad, they’re jaw-dropping artistic gifts that make a statement.

AVAILABLE at Evantine at The Rittenhouse, 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia 215-790-2576

5 Responses to SHOP: Enameled Bowls by Michael Aram

  1. jennifer says:

    Love the bowls – Gorgeous. Any price points?

  2. Victoria says:

    Those bowls are lovely!

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