Bridal Bouquet of the Week: Vibrant Summer Flowers in Tangerine, Orange, Coral, Cerise and Magenta


Combining different types of flowers adds texture to the look of a hand-tied bouquet.  For instance, using large-headed flowers with smaller blooms nestled in between at different depths successfully creates visual impact, texture and drama.  For a Summer wedding, stunning bridesmaids’ bouquets were composed for seven different ladies using brightly colored flowers such as Cerise Mini Gerbera, Tangerine Spray Roses, Orange Tulips, Coral Tree Peonies, Magenta Peonies and Mango Sweetheart Roses.  It seems that today’s sophisticated brides enjoy knowing that although the floral components used for their bouquets may be the same, how those blooms are arranged may be as uniquely formed as the bridesmaids themselves.  No two are exactly the same.

{Bridesmaids’ Bouquet from Jasmine & Alex’s Wedding taken by photographer, Cliff Mautner, at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia}.

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