BE MINE: If Love is a Flower


If Love is a Flower

love is endless
like flowers that keep on blossoming day and night
love is beautiful
like flowers with different different colors
love is growing
like flowers abundant in the garden
love is to give away
like flowers from my hand to yours.

~ Aila El Edroos

It’s not too late love birds!  Order your Valentine’s Day bouquet at our boutique in The Rittenhouse Hotel. We will be carrying a large assortment of beautiful blooms in a rainbow of colors, including those coveted flowering branches everyone loves as well as vibrant, scuptural orchids like those seen above. There’s truly something for everyone!

You can pick up a bundle to go or let us arrange the flowers for you in one of our lovely vases.

Pop in to the Evantine boutique between 10:00am-6:00pm, or just give us a quick call at 215-790-2576.

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