FEATURED: The Romantic Wedding of Susan Stripling and Cliff Mautner is on Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings Susan Stripling Cliff Mautner Evantine Design

We’re thrilled to see the wedding of Cliff Mautner and Susan Stripling featured on Junebug Weddings today. We particularly love what Susan had to say about the event design…

“I’ve had 12 years of watching other people design their weddings and I knew very clearly what I wanted to do, and Cliff felt the same. Along with Brian Kappra of Evantine Design we chose the clear ghost chairs and long farm tables. I provided an image of what we wanted the chuppah to look like. And other than that? It was all Evantine. We spent a few hours with Brian choosing the china and I hired a calligrapher to do the place settings but otherwise the execution of the vision was all him. I think the only direction we gave him was really “a lot of fire and we don’t really like flowers.” Simple, clean, dramatic, and nary a mason jar in sight.”  ~ Susan Stripling

Oh, Susan. You KNOW how we feel about mason jars! To read more about their wedding, hop on over to the always delightful Junebug Weddings.

Romantic wedding ceremonies Philadelphia

You can view more images from Cliff and Susan’s incredible wedding HERE.

{Photo courtesy of Daniel Kudash of Davina + David}

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