REAL STORIES: Golden Yellow Flowers and Elegant Crystal Chandeliers Turn an URBN Loft into a Stylish Wedding

May 2, 2012

Yellow Weddings Urban Lofts Philadelphia Wedding Venues Evantine Designc

At Evantine, we’re tremendously inspired by interior design and how it can be incorporated into party planning, personal gatherings and home entertaining. Like residential interior design, we, too get very personal with each and every client as we design their party. For Spring celebrations, like this golden delicious wedding at Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia, where traditional appointments like crystal, satin and silver played off raw, urban textures, interior design played a large role in creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

{Photos: Cliff Mautner}

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REAL STORIES: Celebrate Sam, A Restaurant-inspired Bar Mitzvah in an Urban Loft

February 10, 2010

Honestly, it’s really never too early to start planning a bar or bat mitzvah.  Particularly when these celebrations can be as involved (or more so) as today’s weddings!

For those that don’t know, becoming a “bar” or “bat mitzvah” is Hebrew for becoming a “son” or “daughter” of the commandment, and an adult member of the Jewish community.  It’s a “coming of age” rite that happens when a boy or girl turns 13 years of age.  Similar to most weddings, the momentous occasion generally includes a ceremony followed by a party.  The “ceremony” for a bar or bat mitzvah requires years of preparation in which the child studies Jewish history, the Hebrew language and the teachings of the Torah.  Trust us, it’s BIG, important and life-altering.  It’s also an event deserving of a SPECTACULAR party that is inspired by the personality and interests of the child.

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