TASTE: Sushi Bars, Always a Popular Food Station at Parties

July 27, 2011

When it comes to planning your special event, wedding or bar/bat mitzvah menu, invariably the question “what are the most popular food stations at parties?” gets asked.  The answer, at least on the East Coast, is an enthusiastic “SUSHI!!!!”  In one form or another, sushi stations or sushi bars, are a guaranteed win-win choice for cocktail receptions for discerning palates.  Sushi and sashimi are even served at children’s parties for the kids to enjoy!  Over the years we’ve designed and styled many a sushi presentation using carved ice, glass vessels, running water, river rock, custom-made wooden planks, light up tables, lucite shelves, red lacquered boxes, gold vessels, Asian statuary, and on and on.  Below are just some of the sushi stations we’ve created for weddings, parties and social gatherings.  [Above, Catering:  Leslie Rosen Catering; Photo:  Philip Gabriel]

For a modern white and purple 25th wedding anniversary we worked with Leslie Rosen Catering to create a stylish Seafood Crudite with colorful mixed sushi, salty steamed edamame and a large ice bowl filled with cocktail shrimp.  [Above, Photo: Paul Loftland]

Multiple light up tables were placed in a row to create a large sushi display that would allow a large group of guests to graze all at one time.  Each table was composed of multiple mirrors in silver metallic frames that held monochromatic displays of sushi, sashimi and seaweed salad. [Above, Caterer:  Wolfgang Puck Catering; Photo: Susan Beard Design]

For a tented cocktail reception for a bar mitzvah at a private home, this floating ice sushi station presented multiple sushi rolls on glass and metal platters.  [Above, Catering:  Leslie Rosen Catering; Photo:  Phil Kramer]

Sushi isn’t just for cocktail receptions. Why not serve it as a surprise second course during a sit-down dinner?  That’s exactly what we did for a bar mitzvah at Peche at Sherman Mills.  Just as the first course was ending, a wall of drape opened on one side of the ballroom to reveal a forty foot sushi station laden with gold vases filled with purple orchids and plate-after-plate of sushi! [Above, Catering: Leslie Rosen Catering; Photo: Susan Beard Design]

Sushi Cabanas built with tents inside a building gave the adult guests at this bat mitzah a fun activity to enjoy while they watched the kids dance below.  [Above, Catering:  Peachtree & Ward; Photo:  Phil Kramer]

Bamboo, black beans, sushi mats and vintage Asian elements combine to make this sushi stationa hit at a boy’s bar mitzvah celebration at Peche at Sherman Mills.  [Above, Catering:  Leslie Rosen Catering; Photo:  Philip Gabriel]

REAL STORIES: Hot Pink & Orange Bat Mitzvah for Sydney!

July 28, 2010

Well, if the country club ladies popping their heads in and gasping out loud in gleeful delight were any indication, it’s that our hot pink and orange bat mitzvah for Sydney was SPOT ON fabulous! 

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WE LOVE: Black, White & Yellow Specialty Bar for Parties

July 22, 2010


Oh, how we L-O-V-E anything black & white!  It’s a bold duo, always classic and infinitely dramatic.  Pair it with bright yellow and, well, the world goes happy. 

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REAL STORIES: Camping Under the Stars, A Bat Mitzvah

April 1, 2010

Ah, FINALLY, plenty of sunshine and blue skies before us!  Makes us think Spring will be short-lived and Summer is just around the corner!  Before we head out to enjoy this gorgeous weather, we thought we’d share photos from one of our favorite parties EVER!  

 The occasion:  A Bat Mitzvah.  The theme:  Summer Camp. 

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REAL STORIES: Celebrate Sam, A Restaurant-inspired Bar Mitzvah in an Urban Loft

February 10, 2010

Honestly, it’s really never too early to start planning a bar or bat mitzvah.  Particularly when these celebrations can be as involved (or more so) as today’s weddings!

For those that don’t know, becoming a “bar” or “bat mitzvah” is Hebrew for becoming a “son” or “daughter” of the commandment, and an adult member of the Jewish community.  It’s a “coming of age” rite that happens when a boy or girl turns 13 years of age.  Similar to most weddings, the momentous occasion generally includes a ceremony followed by a party.  The “ceremony” for a bar or bat mitzvah requires years of preparation in which the child studies Jewish history, the Hebrew language and the teachings of the Torah.  Trust us, it’s BIG, important and life-altering.  It’s also an event deserving of a SPECTACULAR party that is inspired by the personality and interests of the child.

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October 17, 2009


We went completely MOD for Arden Rose’s Bat Mitzvah!  As a HUGE fan of the Beatles, Arden Rose knew she wanted a 60’s-themed design for the celebration.  For the adults and combined areas we went MOD using one distinctively graphic Pucci fabric of avocado green, chocolate brown, orange and turquoise, as the dominant element in the event design.  For the kid areas we brought in tye-dyed and flower-power elements for a Hippy Chic feel.  It was Shagg-a-delic but in a knee-high white boot kinda-way.

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