FLOWERS: Zinnias

August 7, 2013

Orange Zinnias Evantine Design Summer Flowers 2

We’re in that part of the summer when the garden (and floral markets) are filled with the vibrant hues of ZINNIAS. And they’re extraordinary, indeed. These brightly-hued floral arrangements were designed in clear glass and iron vases for a late summer wedding in Philadelphia. {Photos by Mel Barlow}

purple zinnias summer weddings evantine design

Yellow Zinnias and Marigolds Evantine Design

Purple Zinnias Summer Weddings Philadelphia Event Designers Evantine Design

REAL STORIES: The Flowering Gardens of Appleford Estate Inspire an Orange and Green Apple Wedding

July 20, 2011

Nestled deep withing one of the most prestigious neighborhoods on the Main Line, a sprawling cluster of suburban towns just outside of Philadelphia, lies the picturesque Appleford Estate. Dating back more than 300 years, this gentleman’s farm is surrounded by 24 of the most exquisite gardens any bride could hope to find for her outdoor wedding.  Originally part of a land grant from William Penn, Appleford is carefully maintained today as a working arboretum and bird sanctuary. The intense July heat proved to be no match against the charm of Appleford’s brightly hued flowering gardens, weeping willow trees, endless Pennsylvania fieldstone walls and trickling streams.

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BOUQUET OF THE WEEK: A Cascade of Magenta Purple Orchids for a Sophisticated Bride

July 8, 2011

Phil Kramer Photography Event Designers in Philadelphia

Exotic purple Phalaenopsis orchid bouquets are stunning for their vibrant magenta color and delicate cascading flowers. We gathered together multiple stems of these elegant “Moth” orchids to create a monochromatic bridal bouquet that evoked romance, mystery and sophistication for our stylish bride.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid or “Phals”, as they are more commonly and affectionately called, hail from India, through Southeast Asia, north to the Philippines, and South to Northern Australia.  This lovely tropical flower has multiple meanings dating back centuries which are rooted in strength, luxury, beauty and, most importantly, love.

Sometimes called the aristocrat of flowers, Phals have tempted us since the nineteenth century when English merchant seamen brought these alluring, mysterious plants home from their foreign travels. The flowers’ brilliant colors and symmetricacl petal shapes captured the imaginations of Britain’s wealthy, who snapped them up at exorbitant sums or obsessively groomed them in their own hot houses. Happily, over the last century, Phals, as well as other orchids have become widely available in nurseries. Today, Phalaeonopsis orchids can be found year-round in a variety of colors but it’s the quantity needed for most bridal bouquets or wedding centerpieces that keep them at luxury level.  Certainly, one of our favorite qualities that make these sensational orchids extremely ideal for weddings is that they’re HARDY.  That’s right!  Although they appear fragile in appearance, they’re able to withstand high summer temperatures and still look gorgeous!  That quality, along with their stunning beauty, make them a wedding must-have.

{Photo:  Phil Kramer}

REAL STORIES: A Summer Bridal Shower with Modern Architecture, Bright Colors and Stylish Foods

June 7, 2011

A sensational creekside home just outside of Philadelphia marries modern architecture with vibrant color and stylish foods for this sophisticated bridal shower.

[Photos:  David Mielcarek]

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REAL STORIES: Lindsay & Adam’s Elegant White Wedding at The Rittenhouse

November 2, 2009

There really is nothing like classic bridal shades of ivory and white. 

No matter where they are used or how they are presented, they truly are the purest tones that convey love, hope, romance and joy!  Lindsay and Adam’s wedding at the always elegant Rittenhouse Hotel (as photographed beautifully by Francesco Mastalia) reminds us all that sometimes, it really is just that simple.


Over one hundred ivory Roses were disassembled and then painstakingly reassembed into one large blossom for Lindsay’s stunning bridal bouquet.

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REAL STORIES: Jocelyn & James, An Andalusia-on-the-Delaware Wedding

August 14, 2009

We’re excited to share that one of our weddings is featured in the new issue of Brides Magazine!  The feature is wonderful, but we can’t stop there!  We have to share more of the memorable day we planned and designed with Jocelyn and James. From the very beginning, the bridal couple had a crystal-clear vision of how they wanted to celebrate their wedding day:  a sentimental Quaker ceremony, followed by a modern garden PAR-TAY in a big white tent.  Simple, straightforward, NO PROBLEM!


Although the bride’s home would have been perfect for the wedding, her sister’s upcoming wedding already had dibs on that idea.  But, the perfect location was just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away.  Having produced many gorgeous tented weddings at Andalusia-on-the-Delaware over the years, where else would we suggest this wedding take place?  Owned by the Biddle family for well over two hundred years, the historic Andalusia estate offers stunning views of the Delaware River, several lush gardens, secluded green walks, romantic arbors, horse pastures, tree-lined drives, wild flower meadows and rolling lawns.  Every square inch meticulously maintained with love, respect and horticultural integrity.


Despite record STEAMY temperatures reaching 102 degrees, the emotional Quaker ceremony took place as planned in the open-air Walled Garden.  It was truly one of the most moving celebrations of love, support, family and community we have ever been honored to witness.  For over 45 minutes (and under a virtual sea of paper parasols and frantic waving fans), friends and family spoke about the couple, gave their views on marriage, offered wishes, prayers and poetic recitations.  After the ceremony, the guests wandered down the Green Walk, past the White Garden, and along the Front Porch to the Great Lawn where lovely CHILLED cocktails awaited.  By then, a cool breeze had kicked up off the river, iced hand towels were offered, and watermelon mojitos were flowing.


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