Fabric Chair Covers for Parties and Weddings Have Come Along Way Baby

August 31, 2011

Ohhhh yeah, some of the younger designers out there in the industry may not remember, but we do.  We remember the good old days, when chair covers, chair caps and tailored chair backs and frilly chair skirts weren’t something you could just order in a jiffy online from a reputable rental company.  Oh no my darlings, that’s not how it went down.  These decorative accents had to be made-to-order with a seamstress you had to hunt down and pay handsomely to diligently sew 300 of the same exact design in less than a week.  But not anymore!  Thankfully, times have changed.  Talented event accessory companies, like our dear friends at Wildflower Linens, have revolutionized the way event designers and party producers are able to get their greedy paws on such delectably stylish chair covers as you see here.  From Parisian black and white bustled stripes to tailored orange grommeted leather and feathery peacock blue ribbons, anything you can imagine in the way of chair decor is now available for short-term rental.  {if you listen carefully, you can hear the sounds of an exhausted seamstress sighing in relief}.

REAL STORIES: A Pink & Black Rittenhouse Hotel Wedding for Lindsey & Andrew

October 26, 2010

We don’t know what to love more with this sweet pink and black wedding – the bride’s Monique LHuillier gown, the bridemaids’ sassy party frocks or the beaming smiles of the bride and groom.  We’re thinking there may be too many lovely details to pick just one!  But looking back at Lindsey and Andrew’s day through Faith West’s stunning photos tells the story far better than we can.

[Photos courtesy of Faith West]

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